Programming Blog 2/16/11

GRID LOCK! These days my attention has shifted — away from the screen and on to our GRID – the 5 oversized sheets of paper hanging from the walls of the festival office. They are completely covered with multi-colored post-its that represent our 2011 lineup of film screenings, special Read more…

February 16, 2011

Programming Blog 10/6/10

Programming Blog 10/6/10 I’m writing this on the airplane back to Ashland from the Vancouver International Film Fest, in Vancouver, BC. 5 days, 22 feature length films, a few shorts, and my fill of sushi and crepes!  I take lots of notes while seeing the films, then post-festival spend some Read more…

October 6, 2010

AIFF Programming Blog 9/9

I love this time of year — when I can say “we are now accepting entries for the 10th annual ashland independent film festival, April 7-11, 2011.” We’ve had some time to recharge, strategize, and plan for the coming year, and now we’re looking forward to seeing new work Read more…

September 9, 2010

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