Meet Dawn Porter, Director of GIDEON’S ARMY

Dawn Porter, Director of Gideon’s Army answers our burning questions and is next up in our #AIFF13 Filmmaker Spotlight.

Dawn Porter


Q. How did you get started in filmmaking?

Dawn: I worked in television standards and practices for many years – first at ABC News and  then at A&E television. That job involved among other things watching cuts of long and short form programs.  After doing those jobs for more than 12 years I was ready for a change and thought Id really like to work on my own film.  I met Jon Rapping and he invited me to come film his training program in Alabama and so I hired a crew and began filming.


Q. Who is your favorite independent filmmaker?  Or who do you look up to in the independent filmmaking world?

Dawn: I adore the work of Laura Poitras.  Not only is she a beautiful storyteller, she is so brave. She is a true original voice and I really admire her work.


Q. What was your favorite film as a child and why?

Dawn: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I watched that movie so many times.


Q. If you were stranded on an island, and had the ability to watch on film over and over, what would that be?

Dawn: OK this is embarrassing but its probably The Way We Were.  I love and I always hope that Hubbell and Katie get back together.


Q. If you are attending the 2013 AIFF, what are you looking forward to most in Ashland?

Dawn: I can’t wait to see great films and connect with other filmmakers.  Ashland has such a great reputation as a place for great conversation as well as great films.  I love meeting people who love documentary filmmaking.


Buy tickets to Gideon’s Army here.  Stay tuned for more!

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